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From the desk of Alex Middleton

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Message from the Region Educator

Hi everyone

With Spring behind us and Summer is finally here hereís hoping that we can get some good Riding in.

Hopefully during the Spring you got the necessary Tune ups done to the Goldwing and had a chance to take in some Riding Courses, ARCís Ė Trike Crs. Ė Trailer Crs. and 2 Upís for our Co-riders as well as being prepared by taking in a First Aid and CPR Training Course.

If you havenít had a chance to take in any of the mentioned Courses talk to your Chapter Educator and get them to put one on.

All you have to do is ask and we will try to arrange for these Courses to be put on for your Chapter.

With Summer here a lot of our Members are planning out what Rides they want to do. Some are planning on going to Grapevine, TX for Wing Ding 40 on the Sept. Long Weekend. I realise that Texas is a long ride, but for most of us it is a Ride never seen before and maybe not to be seen again.

Please donít forget to attend the Region J Rally to be held in Ft. Langley, BC on the August Long Weekend.

If you want to take part in any of the Events or even attend the Banquet you need to fill out your Registration and get in as soon as possible so that the Organising Committee can make sure that there is enough room for your attendance.

Have a great Summer, and Ride Safe.

Alex Middleton,
Region J Rider Educator
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