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July 2016 - Volume 1


Region J Director’s Report ... from Pat

Pat Williams

Here it is, the last half of July. In just 1 month, a lot of us will be either travelling to Red Deer, AB for the Region J Convention, and/or getting ready to travel to Billings. How exciting is all that?
The Region J convention will be my first endeavor to be the coordinator of this caliber of gathering. I owe everyone who has been involved with the planning, a huge thank you – no matter how large or small your contribution. You are making the whole thing possible. There is no way I could have accomplished what you all have. There will be an officers meeting on Friday evening starting at 5PM MT. Anyone can attend, but I would like as many chapter and region officers to be present as possible. There are some changes within GWRRA coming our way that need to be discussed. Mike Briggs, our Deputy Director, will be in attendance to talk about some of those changes. Also, we need to talk about where next year’s convention will be held.
At this point, there has been no one sign up for ARC classes. There was a request for Trike, Trike Trailer course, but to date there has been no one sign up for those either. If anyone is interested at this point, let Alec Middleton know ASAP. As of now, the rider course is cancelled.
As most of you know, a few of us have to leave on Saturday evening after the dinner meeting to head to Billings. We have meetings on early Monday morning. I’m hoping that whoever doesn’t have to leave, will stay for the entertainment. The band promises to be quite good.
On to Billings and WingDing38. The last I heard, Region J continues to lead the pack in registrations per District. Alberta is, in large part, responsible for that. Alberta has 196, BC 19, Sask. has 24 and Alaska 2. Way to go! If you haven’t registered and plan to go, the form is online, or you can register on site.
At long last, we have completed the signup sheet for those who wish to volunteer to be “greeters” or “ambassadors” to meet people at the parking lots and point the way into the registration area. Originally, we were to be at the doors into the trade show checking arm bands, but it has been decided to try something new this year.
To find the signup sheet, go to Please read the instructions at the top of the page and then fill in all applicable slots. Use the drop-down menu on each line to choose the shift/s you want. If you want to do more than 1 shift, submit more sheets. 1 sheet per shift. Couples use separate sheets. There are 5 days with 4 shifts per day on 3 of those days. Once you are satisfied with the day and hours you want, simply submit and then reset. You will receive a confirmation email from me as a reminder.
Another group of people that I want to thank, are those who took the trip up to Marble Canyon to be with me when I spread Con’s ashes, and to bury the bike that is for Con to ride. There were 14 that went along, and I was blown away with the support from everyone. It was a rainy day, but we did it anyway.
Until we meet again, keep the shiny side up, and ATGATT!
Pat Williams
Region J Director

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