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The Great Northwest E-Newsletter ...
Sept/Oct 2013 - Volume 2


Northwest News ... from John

John Wait

How did we get to labour day weekend so fast? I hope everyone in the Region has put in lots of riding this summer and enjoyed the weather. We're sure you will enjoy some of the articles that follow, as many of us in fact did make some very interesting rides.

As some of you know my Dad had a stroke the week before the Region J Rally and I was unable to attend. The good news is my Dad is doing great and much of the impairment from the stroke has returned to almost normal. I can't say enough about the GW family and the support that I received during that time. However, it highlights the fact that GWRRA is one of those things that as much as we love it, it is still lower on our priority list than family. Not only did I miss the Region-J Rally, I also missed the migration ride and the Region-I Convention.

Now this is were the Region Team stepped in, and to be clear the District Directors are part of the Region Team. I would like to extend a special thanks to Con & Pat Williams - BC District Directors for their efforts and stepping up during key events to help. It truly is about the team, whether that team be a Chapter Team, a District Team or the Region Team having great people on the team makes an incredible difference. Region-J is truly blessed with a great team - thanks everyone, for both the help and support during what has turned out to be a trying summer.

We are planning our first Region-J fall meeting right now. The size of our Region creates some unique challenges and we want to talk about how we can accommodate some of those issues at the upcoming meeting in Revelstoke, BC. See more information in the events section, I hope you will be able to join us.

Region 'J' Director

Region 'J' The Great Northwest Event Highlights

Region J 2013 Fall Meeting - September 28 at the 3 Valley Lake Chateau in Revelstoke, BC

Region J is trying something new for 2013 - combine the District meetings into a Region J meeting and move the date earlier to try and avoid some of the bad weather. The purpose of the meeting is review the current year and discuss what we want to accomplish in 2014.

All members are welcome, and all officers in Region J are asked to make their best effort to attend as we will work towards building a successful 2014. The meeting will start early on Sat Sep 28th, so you will want to be in the area on the evening of Sep 27th to make the meeting on time. The meeting will run for most of the day, ending with a BBQ dinner in the ghost town (price per person $20.00).

Please make reservations and mention you are with the Gold Wing Road Riders Association - phone: 1.888.667.2109 or 1.250.837.2109.

Hope to see you there.

Wing Ding 36 Light up the Lakes – July 2nd to 5th, 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin

This of course is the gran-daddy of GWRRA events and never disappoints. This may not be quite as far west as Billings, Montana, but it certainly closer than it has been in a while to Region J. Whether this would be your first Wing Ding or your 36th, what a great opportunity to see and participate in a lot of activities and meet new and old friends.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

For more information:

Region-J 2014 Rally – August 1st to 3rd in Fort Langley, British Columbia

The 2014 Region J Rally is in the early planning stages with the location in Fort Langley, BC. Watch for more information regarding the Rally as it takes shape

For more information:
Contact: or by phone @ 604.628.6657

Region I is planning their convention for the weekend following our Rally, so back to back Rallies will be possible again.

Region-J and Region-I have reached an agreement to give a 10% rebate on Rally Registration costs if you attend both rallies. This only applies to the registration, not meals, courses or Fun Runs. We also will be having a migration between the rallies. There is a charge to participate of $10.00 be person. That money will be put into a pot and migrators will draw for the total at closing ceremonies of the Region-I rally.

Message from the Rider Education

Harold Arthurs

Observations from riding to a couple rallies this summer. In my opinion, there is a misconception out there that what we learn in the Team Riding seminar is a hard and fast rule. I agree there is a place for the tight formation riding, but not out on the open road where everyone knows the destination and there is only one road to get there.

Once we are out of traffic of the lower mainland and on single lane highways there is no reason to maintain the two second rule with the bike in front of you and to keep riding in staggered formation. If we spread out in single file the ride becomes a lot more enjoyable for the riders that are in the middle of the group. They don't have to be solely fixated on the bike in front of them, they can get to enjoy the scenery of the ride to some extent. When we spread out we can use the outside inside outside method of going through curves. This is a very important part of riding curves especially when towing trailers as it gives you a lot more road to use when you have to stop quickly (Straighten Square Squeeze).

Other benefits of spreading out: when vehicles want to pass they can do one bike at a time. Passengers enjoy the ride more. You have more reaction time to issues that come up. These are some of my thoughts on this issue.

Harold Arthurs
BC District Educator
Abbotsford, BC

Message from the Region Leadership Training

Con & Pat Williams

Goldwing University

GWRRA is in the process of revamping the education section of our association. The GW University is being created to streamline the delivery of all the education programs in GW. Those include Rider Education seminars, Leadership Training and Membership Enhancement.

Leadership Training is spearheading the effort to amalgamate the three groups. Under the University umbrella the presenters of all the programs will be cross trained and be able to present any of the seminars. The exception being Rider Courses due to the additional training required.

With our Region being so large the concept of cross trained instructors will be a major advantage. Except select area in BC we are looking to fill all Instructor positions. Once the university is up and running we will be able to utilize our presenters much more effectively.

Pat and I have been tasked with rebuilding the LTP program and we are looking for interested people to become instructors. Ideally we would like to see presenters in every chapter, but we are starting with the goal of at least two in BC and Alberta.

The GW University concept is being used in Atlantic Canada ( Region L) with great success. The LTP and RE presenters have been teamed up and cross trained for over a year. They have reduced both time required and costs while giving better service to our members. The Region L has the same challenges as we do, Small membership and long distances.

The GW university is going to be one of the topics at the Region meeting so we hope to see you there!

Con & Pat Williams
Senior Leadership Instructors

Message from the Assistant Region 'J' Directors (& Editor)

Arnie & Janet Tucker

Well the summer riding season is almost over (at least for some of you up north) and I'm sure that there are some stories to be told. Our story is that Janet and I were able to make it to this year’s Wing Ding. I brought back a few items. One was that I've met with some very long lost relatives in the mid-west. This was due to the hard work of my younger brother checking out the "Ancestry. Com" web site. He’s been at it for two years now.

Another story comes from the Regional Educators officer’s meeting that took place the day before Wing Ding started. I was there as an alternate representative from Region J (as were other alternate representatives from K & L). The divisions in the "Rider Education" department are; rider courses & seminars, CPR/FA, drill teams, motorist awareness, and the rider ed. web site. For your information the department heads are found on the GWRRA web site in Rider Education, contact list (too many to list here).

For the "short list" of topics discussed are:

  1. Education goals – a new handbook, incorporating GW University into Rider Ed.,identify & train candidates for training development.
  2. Amazing team challenge – make a new novice course, modifying the Top Gun layout and adding different categories (divisions if you will)
  3. Drill teams – rules for competition, a set of required maneuvers, an updated list of teams (BC now added), making training available
  4. CPR/MFA – more trainers needed, on-line program for members, instructor to do a "blended learning program"
  5. Motorist awareness – seminar needed for level’s program, points earned for chapter of year, qualified presenter to hold seminars, need of presenters and representative
  6. Webmaster – quick links now available on site
  7. GW university handbook nearly completed
  8. Rider course instructors – Gordon Murphy - making a Canadian unique ARC, ARC revision, more $$$’s for insurance coverage, new report on certifying dates for instructors, keeping expired instructors out of data base.

Arnie Tucker
Assistant Region 'J' Directors

Message from the Region 'J' M.E.C.

Tracy & Elaine Boyda

Hello Everyone,

As a new member of the Region J executive team, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Tracy Boyda and I joined the region team this last spring as the Region J Membership Enhancement Co-ordinator. Previously I was the MEC for Chapter AB-A (Calgary).

This summer we’ve seen a number of new members join GWRRA across all chapters. I’d like to welcome these new members to the GWRRA family. Many of you have likely already attended some chapter meetings, and / or rides, and have gotten to know some of the members of your chapter. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to please do. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding everything from mechanical tips and tricks, tire wear, to top day rides and scenic multi-day road trips, and in the process meet some great people that share some of your interests. Also should you have any questions, inquiries or are looking for information about GWRRA programs, don’t hesitate to reach out to your chapter MEC, chapter Director, or even myself.

Over the summer I’ve had a chance to meet a few of the chapter MEC’s face to face, and others thru email. I want to thank each of them for taking time from their personal lives to volunteer and help out within their chapters. Your time and effort is very much appreciated.

I’d also like to say thank you to the entire region membership. In many ways you are all volunteers as well. When you tell someone about GWRRA, sign up a new member, or even welcome a new member at their first few meetings or rides, after all, we were all new members at one point and as others made us feel welcome, so should we pass on that experience to others. Much like a football, hockey, or any sports where there is a team, there may be some key positions, but it takes the entire team to be successful.

Enjoy the rest of the riding season and ride safe. For those of you who head south for the winter, have a safe trip, we’ll see you in the spring. I’ll be thinking of you each time I walk past my Wing in the garage on the way to shovel the snow off my driveway.

Take care, be safe everyone,

Tracy Boyda
Region J MEC

Message from the BC - District

Con & Pat Williams

This year has been a super riding season so far! We have had probably the best summer weather that I can remember!

All of the Chapters have been very busy with rides and activities almost every weekend.

The year started off for Pat and I with the early Spring Fun Run in Everett Wa. in April and continued through May with Victoria days in Salmon Arm. In July there was Wing Ding and August brought The Region J and Region I Rallies.

In September the "Gold Run" for Chapter D and "The Greenhart Run&qut; for Chapter C are coming up. So we still have a whole lot of activities where we can get together and have some fun!

On a sad note our Prince George chapter lost one member on the road this year. John Ireland was killed when he hit a moose on Hwy 97 south. Glen McRae was severely injured when he was hit by a car in Saskatoon. It just shows how vigilant we all must be while riding. Our condolences to John’s family.

On a happier note we wish to congratulate Babe and Jack McEwen on taking the Chapter Director position in Prince George. I know they will do an excellent job for the members and have a lot of fun along the way.

Our Victoria Chapter has been very active this year. Ton Woodrow and his team have organized many rides and activities both on the island and the mainland. We had Tom and Marilyn Woodrow and Deb and Al Furlong in Westlock for the rally! Way to go guys!

Pat and I along with Arnie and Janet Tucker took an extended camping trip to Wing Ding in Greenville S. Carolina. We had 5 weeks on the road and a week in Carolina. Wing Ding was a hoot this year. About 15 people from BC attended. Rob and Terry Ellis and Steve and Patty McKenna competed in Top Gun and the Amazing Team Challenge again this Year. Rob took top Honours in Expert while Steve took top Honours in Experienced class. Congratulations to both! We managed to get most BC’ers together for dinner one night and enjoyed kibitzing!

The Region Rallies were a lot of fun. There are some great rides around Westlock and the dinner was really good. Quite a few of us completed a 3 or 4 day migration ride down to Pendleton Oregon to participate in the Region I Rally. There were a lot of motel’ers as well as a few campers. Great sceanery. All of us campers stayed at the Wildhorse casino and were treated royally! The weather was fabulous for both rallies and the migration. There were 225 people at Westlock and 226 people in Pendleton. The Canadian contingent in Pendleton numbered 70. There were 41 from BC alone, with every Chapter represented! Way to Go. In fact BC was the second largest District at the Rally!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Three Valley Gap for our first Region Meeting. It will take place on September 28th. It looks like we will have a lot of fun while we review the region activities. Evidently there is a ton to do and explore at the lodge.

Ride Safe everyone.

Con Williams
BC District Director

Story Telling: by Bill Haggerty - Webmaster

Bill riding the "Dragon" 2011

The great lost wallet escapade
(Or, how I found some "new" GW friends in Nashville.)

It is important to have some background information before reading this story. So, to that end, I will start by telling you that the weather on my return trip from Wing Ding 35 in Greenville, SC., was less than what could, or should, be considered ideal. In other words, it was pouring buckets along with thunder and lightning. So, when I stopped for fuel just east of Knoxville, TN., I was not in the greatest of moods and the fact that the wind was blowing the rain sideways around the gas pumps did not make my life easier.

I dug my wallet out from under my rain gear and proceeded to fuel up the bike, after which I put my wallet back under the gear and into my riding pants pocket, or at least, that was the plan. Apparently, I missed my pocket and the wallet went down inside my rain gear unnoticed by me ... From there I drove 240 miles (390 Km) to Nashville with a stop along the way to remove my rain gear. Now I need to gas up again but when I looked for my wallet it wasn’t there ... luckily, I had eighty dollars in cash in my pocket, so I gassed the bike up and proceeded to return to Knoxville where I was sure I dropped it. It wasn’t there and no one had turned it in. Next, after fueling up again, I drove back to where I removed my rain gear but no luck there either. So, now I am well and truly stuck between a rock and a hard place with no drivers licence, no credit cards, and no money, however, I still had my passport for ID. That night I slept on the bike in a parking lot and the next morning I contacted the credit card company and cancelled all my cards. The next step was to get some money transferred from my bank in Penticton to me in Nashville. Easier said than done! First, I needed a bank account in Nashville to transfer the money into. Second, although the transfer itself would take only 20 minutes or so, I could not access the funds for 72 hours!

To make a long story short, after a phone conversation with a merchant & GWRRA member in Knoxville, he very helpfully had the Chapter director of TN-A (Nashville) Troy Hurt, contact me. Troy invited me to come to his chapter staff dinner meeting that night. When I got there he introduced me to his staff members and explained my problem. One of the members, Mr Zearl Black and his daughter Darlene graciously opened their home to me and Zearl was kind enough to assist me in getting my funds transferred from my bank in Penticton to the Bank of America in Nashville. The result was that I was able to resume my trip home the next day. The rest of the trip was for the most part uneventful (if you don’t count the thunder storms that continued off and on for the rest of the trip). However, the upside of this "adventure" was that I have a dozen new friends in Nashville some of whom I hope to meet in Madison next year at Wing Ding 36.

It seems that there is always a good side to everything and if I had not had that attack of "terminal stupidity" I would never have met those terrific folks from TN-A ... it renews my faith in humanity and apparently, that famous Southern hospitality is still alive and well ...
Bill Haggerty, GWRRA #081087
Region J Webmaster

An Experience from Wing Ding - 2013

Rob Ellis

So with a request to contribute something to the Region J "e-Newletter" about the Top Gun competition, It is hard to wrap up in short order, other than to say it is Fun !!

Terry & I headed to Wing Ding this year in Greenville and one of the major attractions for me is the Bike competition and my own competition with myself. The Top Gun Competition and the Amazing Challenge are two different competitions that give you new challenges and new heights to rise to. But it is intended to be inclusive of all riders who want to try something new and exciting. With 3 classes, GL1500, GL1800 and an Open Class, there is a spot for anyone riding a motorcycle and 3 levels of skill from Novice and Experienced, to Expert. I encourage all of you to give it a try sometime.

I am very lucky to have had a good ride this year with many fantastic riders equal to, or surpassing my own skill set. GWRRA is a stepping stone to fun but also a stepping stone to more advanced riding. I can’t thank our local GWRRA Instructors enough for kicking me off to a great start, so thank you Arnie, John and Ian. It would be hard to improve one’s self if we didn’t have an example to follow and an inspiration to help focus ones efforts so I must pay homage to one of the most talented riders I have had the privilege to learn from right here on our own coast. Steve McKenna IS the example of how I wish I could ride, and am continually striving to learn his tricks and tips

So when you come to Wing Ding, or you head out to a Rally somewhere that has some bike games taking place, go have a look and draw some inspiration from someone there and take the challenge. It is Fun Fun Fun. I have heard that there are some changes coming for next year with the introduction of a "Pro Class" to take those winners of Top Gun Expert into a new competition to keep them challenged, which also means that there is lots of room in all the other classes and levels to start crowning new champions. YOU could be a champion if you just sign up and come out to ride!! Let’s hope it happens!

Thank you GWRRA.

Rob & Terry Ellis – BC-A, Chapter Directors

Farewell to Big Bird - an Alaskan Treasure

Jerry "Big Bird" Russell1 from AlaskaJerry "Big Bird" Russell 2 from Alaska

Every summer riding season thousands of bikers head for Alaska and anyone who has made that "Bucket List" ride knows the journey can be full of surprises. When you're broke down thousands of miles from home, it can be devastating, so on the rare occasion when one shreds a tire, blows a fork seal, or bends a rim in South Central Alaska, they usually hear about Jerry "Big Bird" Russell, #089908, the miracle man. Over the years Jerry has gone out day or night to rescue bikers of all brands. He's driven 100 miles to Seward to pick up a rider with a shredded rear tire, brought him to his shop, mounted a new tire and wheel on the bike and had him on the road in a couple of hours. He could even diagnose the problem over the phone if the caller could describe the problem or mimic the sound (grind, clatter, knock, etc.) and tell them how to fix it themselves.

When one of our AK-P Chapter members crashed in the Yukon on his way to a Region-J Rally in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, it was Jerry that rode the crippled Gold Wing, towing a loaded Bunkhouse trailer, 750 miles home to Soldotna before repairing the bike and returning it to the owner good as new. Jerry has logged thousands of miles rescuing stranded bikers. Generally when Jerry would finish repairing the ride, if he charged anything, it was just for parts. Jerry was more interested in making a new friend and seeing folks get back on the road to enjoy their Alaskan adventure. Jerry and wife Inez would open their home to stranded travelers. Jerry was in our Associations "Gold Book" with A thru F by his name offering the full spectrum of assistance to riders he'd yet to meet. Jerry represented GWRRA and motorcycle riding at the highest level, giving of himself so that others might enjoy the sport too. Most folks would send him a "Thank you" when they got home or even write to Wing World to tell us how much they appreciated his help.

Jerry was not only a master mechanic, but our mentor too. He loved nothing more than to see a new biker get started in the sport. He always had a few bikes (mostly Gold Wings) that he'd refurbished for sale. I bought my first 'Wing from Jerry in 1999, then, with his guidance, several of us chartered our Peninsula Chapter, AK-P.

In 2000, Jerry, I and several members rode the Alaska Highway to Wing Ding in Billings, MT. Talk about getting hooked on something! Jerry made that trip so interesting and so much fun that I have ridden it many times since, always with Jerry in mind along the way. Jerry and I, along with others have made the Alaska Highway ride several times over the years but when we rode the 5,000 mile round trip to Calgary, AB., for the Region J Rally in 2011, we knew it was the last ride for "Big Bird". He was sick with cancer but was determined to go! He rode those long, hard days in icy rain, sizzling heat and hurricane winds with never a complaint. At the end of a long day in the saddle he’d be exhausted , but after a cold beer at night and "tea & toast" in the morning, he'd mount up and ride all day.

On March 16th, 2013, at 81, Jerry left us to join beloved wife and riding partner of 57 years, Inez

Ride easy "Big Bird", you will be missed by so many.

Dennis Bible

Region 'J' - Rides & Events


1 BC-A -New Years Day Ride
11 – 13 Edmonton Motorcycle Show
17 – 20 Vancouver Motorcycle Show
26 SK-D Xmas Dinner & Bowling


2 BC-A Silent Auction & BBQ
9 AB-B Pioneer Comedy – Hazel Bluff
16 BC-A, C, D Karen’s Krome Social
22 BC-D Cloverdale Races Social


SK-D Swap Meet - TBA
6 BC-D Bike Maintenance Day
19 – 21 Saskatoon Motorcycle Show
20 BC-A, C, D Road Capt/ Co-rider Course
21 BC-A, C, D Team Riding Course
27 AB-B Pot Luck Dinner
27 BC-A, D Mall Show
27-28 BC-A/C/D MFA Course


3-5 BC-A, C, D ARC’s
4 SK-D Mall Show
11 BC-D Memorial Ride
12 AB-B Mother”s Day Ride
12 BC-G Maintenance Day
16-21 SK-D Boys Ride To Vancouver
17-20 BC-G Victoria Days in Salmon Arm
26 AB-B Al’s Garage, Lamont


1 BC-A Bob Davies Fun Run
9 AB-B Settler Historic Park
11 AB-B BBQ @ Hawrelak Park
16 AB-B Reynold’s Museum – Wetaskiwin
16 BC-A Father’s Day Ride
21/22 AB-B ARC
21-23 SK-D Greenwater Camping Trip
23 AB-B Road Captain Course
23 BC-A Triple D Ride
29,30,1 AB-B Baptiste Lake
29-30-1 BC-D Kootenay Loop Ride
29-30-1 BC-C Princeton Campout


1 SK-D Day Ride to Waskesiuw
3-6 WING DING 35 S. Carolina
7 AB-B Paridice Valley Picnic
14 AB-B Rock Mnt House, Braseau Dam
21 AB-B Mulhurst Bay
27-28 BC-A Cascade Loop Ride
28 AB-B Worlds Big Ride, dry run


2-4 REGION J Rally, Westlock, AB
5-8 migrate to: Region I Rally, Pendleton Oregon
11 AB-B STARS Poker Run
11 AB-B Ag Drag
18 AB-B Ellis Bird Farm
17 SK-D Camping, Outlook Regional Park
25 AB-B FUN Golf Tourney
25 AB-B Turkey Fry
25 BC-A Duffy Lake Loop Ride
30,31,1 AB-B Peace Counrty Ride
30-2nd BC-D Gold Run Rally, Princeton
30-2nd SK-D Ride the Road to the Sun

Labour Day, Whitehorse YK, Klondike Road Relay, support servicing
1 AB-B Sunshine Ride
8 BC-C Green Heart Ride
8 AB-B City Roads Tour
8 SK-D Poker Rally
10 AB-B BBQ @ Hawrelak Park
15 AB-B Chapter Director BBQ
21 BC-D Ride & Corn Roast
22 AB-B Victoria Settlement
29 AB-B Toy Run – Garage Gathering


5-6 BC-G Nakusp Cold Run
5 AB-B Smokey Lake Pumpkin Festival
6 AB-B Corn Maze
6 Vancouver Toy Run
19 BC-A, C, D Joint Planning Meeting
20 Fraser Valley Toy Run
26 BC District Meeting

11 BC-A Remembrance Day Ride
17 BC-D Chilii Dinner
30 BC-A Xmas Dinner Party
30 AB-B Xmas Dinner Party


7 BC-D Xmas Dinner Party
7 BC-G Xmas Dinner Party
14 BC-C Xmas Dinner Party

Chapter Meeting Places and Contacts

ChapterWhenWhereChapter Director - Contact
AK-A3rd SaturdayTB Determined askJeff Hoehne -
AK-B2nd SaturdayTB Determined askPaul DeHaven -
AK-M2nd SaturdayDenali Rest. @ 9 AMJim Petito -
AK-P1st WednsdayTB Determined askJim Hoover -
AB-A    2nd Monday
gather every Sun.
Mulligan's Rest. @ 7 PM
Mulligan's Rest. @ 9 AM
Ron Syroishka -
AB-B2nd Tuesday
gather every Sun
Rosie's Rest. @ 7 PM
Rosie's Rest. @ 9 AM
Ted Brooks -
AB-Clast Monday
gather every Sun
Innisail Legion Board Room @ 7:30 PM
Smitty's Rest. @ 9 AM
Ken Burgess -
AB-LTB Determined Bonnie Harland -
BC-A    3rd Sunday
gather every Tues.
ABC Country Rest. @ 9 AM 6500 E Hastings.
Tim Horton's, Annisis Isle @ 6 PM
Rob Ellis -
BC-C3rd Tuesday
Character's Rest. - Chilliwack @ 7 PMGlen Meyer -
BC-D1st Wednesday
gather every Fri.
Ricky's Rest. , Surrey, @ 7 PM
Tim Horton's, 168 & Fr. Hwy @ 6 PM
Doug Conley -
BC-G1st & 3rd SaturdayABC Rest., Roger's Pl. @ 9 AMKirk Elliott -
BC-P2nd Monday
gather every Thurs.
gather every Thurs.
Fortune Palace Rest. @ 7 PM
DQ, Collage Heights May-Sept. @ 7 PM
Tim Horton's, Pine Center Mall Oct-April 7 PM
Arnold Boomhower -
BC-V2nd SundayTBATom Woodrow -
SK-D     Various venues - check district web siteGrant Drever -
YT-A    3rd Tuesday
gather every Sun.
Yukon Inn Rest. @ 6 PM
Yukon Inn Rest. @ 10 AM - (rides Apr-Oct)
Lorne Whittlaker -

Region 'J' Officer Team - Contact List

Position Staff Member Location Phone E-Mail Address
Region J  Director John Wait Vancouver, BC 604-628-6657
Region J Assistant Directors Arnie & Janet Tucker Maple Ridge, BC (604) 462-0822
Region J Rider Educator Larry Harland Lethbridge, AB 403-328-0233
Treasurer Kathy Shumard Kamloops, BC (250)579-5354
Region J Membership Coordinator Tracy Boyda Calgary, AB (403)279-0383
Region J Webmaster William Haggerty Penticton, BC (250) 493-0153

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