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The Great Northwest E-Newsletter ...
October 2016 - Volume 2


Region J Directorís Report ... from Pat

Pat Williams

Well, itís now the end of September. The Region J Convention and WingDing38 are now over and itís back to normal. Time to get ready for the next adventure. The Region Convention was well attended in spite of the fact that WingDing was in the next week. We had 140 for dinner, a good number that we were happy with. I understand that the area rides were very popular, as well as the observation ride. I wish I could have stayed for the observation ride.

The group from Oklahoma in Region H, Bill Haggerty and I arrived in Billings on Sunday afternoon and some of us went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Gotta have my Cracker Barrel! While there, we met up with several other ďwingersĒ.

The entire week of WingDing was loaded with fun packed activities. Starting with Monday for the Officerís meeting, Tuesday for the Couple of the Year competition, Wednesday for the Opening Ceremonies and continuing on through the week with the talent show, seminars, rides, trade show and much more. At closing ceremonies, I heard several Region J members mentioned. One of our members actually won one of the four shares of the prize pot. Total registered for this rally was 6,922 members. Region J had a good showing there. I havenít gotten the final numbers broken down by Region, but Iíll try to put the number in my next article.

WingDing39 location was announced as taking place in Grapevine, Texas on Labour Day weekend. Who is planning to go? The last time WingDing was held in Grapevine, it was a wonderful experience.

Iím still looking for a replacement for the position of Region J Director. Please think it over and let me know if you are interested. Also open are the positions of Region Treasurer and Region Membership Enhancement. It isnít too much work, and there are some perks involved.

My 2013 Gold Wing with only 47,000KM is still for sale. Pictures and more information is available upon request. I need to sell it as I need the space in the garage, and I canít ride it.

In the past couple weeks, there have been many changes in chapter level staff members. I would like to welcome the new staff as well as send out a big thanks to those who are stepping down. You are appreciated.

My personal big news of the month is that I passed my motorcycle road test and now have a class 6 license. Now I can ride anytime I want with no restrictions. So excited. Yay me. During the trip to Red Deer and then to Billings and home, I put over 3500KM on the odometer and had a blast. What a difference it is, being on the front of the bike. The other news is that my house has sold and Iíve purchased a townhouse. After a long and nerve-racking renovation project, Iíll be moving in next week. Finally!

There was to be an instructor training session October 1 in Revelstoke or Calgary area. That has been postponed until Spring as we didnít have enough time to get it organized. Stay tuned for more information. The session will be open to anyone who is interested in becoming a trainer for GWRRA. It is also geared to be a learning tool for those who are already instructors. There is a "new" way of teaching that involves more student participation. Iíve seen the presentation and each seminar is a lot more fun for everyone. As we move forward with the plans, Iíll keep you informed through your Chapter Directors.

Thatís it for this month. Remember ATGATT and keep the rubber side down.
Pat Williams
Region J Director

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