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When John Wait, as Region J Director has asked Con & Pat williams to serve as the Region Trainers. Region J had been without a Region LTP Trainer for a number of years and Phil & Margaret Craven had been acting in this capacity and, as we were LTP Instructors and OCP Instructors Con & Pat have agreed to take on the position.

We have spent the past 2 months making sure we were up to date and our members were correctly entered into the LTP database. Hopefully, with the exception of the On-Line OCP, we have everything corrected.

Now we are looking at what the future will bring for Region J and the Leadership Training Program.

  1. We have to ensure that all our Officers have completed the OCP. Due to the distance between Chapters & the cost of getting Instructors to the locations we will have to make use of the On-Line OCP, any Officer who has not completed the OCP should contact the LTP Trainers for passwords etc. If a Chapter or District would like to set up an OCP Course, please contact us at regionjtrainers@outlook.com, and we will try to arrange dates and Instructors.
  2. We need LTP Instructors in all Districts with the exception of BC, so, if you know of any member who has training either in teaching or instruction or is willing to work with the LTP Team to become an Instructor, please contact me.
  3. 3. Leadership Training has to be supplied at no cost to the members, so we are asking that Chapters budget for this training.

Also we will be making an effort to ensure that our members are fully aware of what the LTP offers. The program consists of:

Region J is lagging behind the rest of GWRRA with our Leadership Training Program, these programs are a benefit of the membership and with your help we can bring these programs to them. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone,

Con & Pat Williams Region J Trainers

GWRRA has lots of information available on line to help you get the most enjoyment from your membership gwrra.org is the home page where there are links to all the programs.

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